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A Concept

GH – Pharma Network LLC can assist you with the help you need.  We work independently or with highly skilled independent contractors that can perform the work you need help in.  We have consultants that can fully develop and implement sound quality systems. We can consult in areas of equipment, cleaning, process and computer validation. 

We also have access to automation/validation engineers.  All subcontractors working with us can write or revise procedures (SOPs/Master Plans) and train individuals or departments with procedures.  
Everyone working with GH – Pharma Network LLC is committed in doing their best because we are all professional and we know that our companies’ reputation is based on the quality of work performed.
This is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We want your business. 
Please feel free to contact us.

Thank you and many successes to you and your company’s future.

A Mission

GH - Pharma Network LLC mission is to improve our clients quality systems one project at a time.

A Vision

GH - Pharma Network LLC was founded in 2006, based on a vision to help and serve companies in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, and Food Industries.
Our goal is to help improve your quality systems because the world is smaller than what we think. The products companies make worldwide has an affect on someone we all know and love.

Gerald Hodge is a cGMP compliance specialist. His expertise includes over 8 years of industry experience, strong technical aptitude, and strong project and personnel management skills. He is highly accomplished professional in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries specializing in Validation and Compliance.  Prior to starting GH – PHARMA NETWORK LLC , Gerald held positions as Validation Project Manager, Quality Validation Coordinator, and Senior Validation Specialist.

Contact GH – PHARMA NETWORK LLC today to learn more about how we can provide your facility with the right personnel for your needs.