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GH – PHARMA NETWORK LLC can provide onsite quality resources in Project Management, Validation, Quality Documentation, Training, and Operational Support for short or long term contracts. We have the flexibility and depth of talent in our team to solve your temporary resource requirements or to help with the restructure of your internal structure.

Project Management

GH – PHARMA NETWORK LLC can provide your company with Program Management and project Management. We can assist with the overall project, scope management, and budget.

Validation Services

GH – PHARMA NETWORK LLC can assist your company with commissioning, qualifications and revalidations. We can provide a turn-key solution for validation activities in preparation for submissions, inspections, and remediation services.

We can provide to you services in:

  • Environmental control systems
  • Sterile/Biotech equipment/system
  • Laboratory systems
  • Plant utility systems
  • Bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Solid dosage manufacturing
  • Temperature mapping
and much much more.

Operational Support

GH – PHARMA NETWORK LLC can assist in your facility staff support needs. Our professional staff can transition into the position quickly and provide the highest quality service. We also can help you transition your new employees into their new role.

We can provide to you a highly skilled person in:
  • Quality Assurance
  • Validation
  • Engineering
  • Automation
  • Training

Quality Documentation

GH – PHARMA NETWORK LLC can assist your company with the development and improvement of your quality documentation. Whether it's validation protocols, standard operating procedures, or training documentation, we can provide our clients the highest level of service.

We can provide to you:
  • Development of Quality System Documentation
  • Validation/Quality Procedures
  • Update Procedure
  • Master Plan
  • Training Packages
  • Qualification Protocols
  • Report Generation

Training Services

GH – PHARMA NETWORK LLC can provides courses designed to train and educate our clients with your current procedures and help advise or create new procedures that will improve your day to day operations.

We can provide to you:
  • Implement Training Services for your facility
  • Training in Current Procedures
  • Create New Training Procedures

Quality Assessments / Auditing Services

GH – PHARMA NETWORK LLC can assist your company with quality assessments / auditing in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) quality systems, Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) quality systems, mock FDA inspections, and quality readiness reviews. We are available to assist you anywhere in the world whenever you need us.

We can provide to you:
  • Quality System Assessments
  • Compliance Audits
  • Corrective & Preventive Action Programs

Business Solutions

Marketing and Business Development take up a significant percentage of the total budgeting in the Pharmaceutical Industry. It is therefore vital that the return on this investment is maximized. At the same time the rapid globalization of the world, requires that providers of Business Support have the international experience and knowledge to operate and execute strategies in different environments. Each customer and each national or regional market has its own characteristics and requires its own marketing strategy. GH – Pharma Network LLC has the experience, in-depth knowledge and multinational resources world-wide to provide tailored marketing consultancy and support to customers according to their specific needs. GH – Pharma Network LLC’s ideas will enhance your business performance and help you penetrate new markets. The resources that GH – Pharma Network LLC provide to our clients has the highest quality of industry experts from the most accredited Business Schools around the world. Together, let us achieve success.
GH – Pharma Network LLC offers the following solutions:
  • Marketing Support
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Development
  • Supply Chain Analysis
For more information on GH – Pharma Network LLC Business Services please contact: 
Philip Hirsch, Business Development Manager
Tel: 919 342 4558
mail: Philip.hirsch@gh-pharmanetwork.com